Late Arrivals

If a student is going to be late

Students arriving late are to be signed in at the front desk reception area by their parent or guardian before going to class.

Students driving themselves to school

A student who drives to school in their own car must have a signed note from their parents with the reason for the late arrival.  A note is not required if the parent calls the school informing the school that their child is going to be late.

Upon arrival at the school, the student must go to the Front Desk Reception area and sign in before going to class.

If a student is going to leave early

If a student is going to leave the school early, then they should have a note from their parent/guardian with the time that the student will be leaving class.  

The parent/guardian needs to sign out their child at the front desk reception first and then they can collect their child.

Travel routine changes

The parent/guardian needs to contact the school and inform them of any changes to the student's travel routine before 2:45pm.

If the child is being picked up by someone other than the parent or guardian then the parent/guardian should notify the school in writing, giving the school consent to release the child into said person's care.