Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

Our History

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School has been operating in the Coffs Harbour area for over 30 years.  Below is just a brief timeline of how the school has grown over the years.


Coffs Harbour Christian Community School Est.

At the start of 1980, Alan and Lyn Smith, in conjunction with the Coffs Harbour Baptist Church began investigation into the viability of a Christian Community School in the Coffs Harbour region.  Mid 1980, a public community meeting was called to ascertain community interest in starting a Christian Community School.  As a result of that public meeting, Coffs Harbour Christian Community School commenced operation at the start of 1981. The school started with 29 students and ran classes from Kindergarten to Year 6.


New Classrooms and Admin Building Completed

In 1985 building commenced on the current Junior School grounds of the Office, classrooms and a Food Tech room.  At the beginning of 1986 the school year started with students and staff moving into these new buildings.

The administration staff were previously operating out of the Baptist Church admin Office.

By this time the school was providing education for Years K-10.


School's first Outreach

Phil Jones, David Hamilton and a number of year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students travelled to Nambucca Heads High for the school's first ever outreach into a state high school.  It proved very successful and paved the way for what was to become an annual event for our school


Secondary School split into Middle/Senior School

Children transitioning to secondary Schooling find the experience traumatic and socially unsettling.  They go from the main care of one teacher in primary school to many different teachers at the Senior school.

Middle schooling, where students can relate effectively and pastorally to one particular adult as their homeroom teacher, was introduced.

It has proved to be a real boon to the development of the students and it is a special feature of our school.


First Overseas Mission Trip to Bali

This year saw the first overseas mission trip to Bali.  Maureen and Dave Hamilton as well as Peter Sales and 18 students travelled to Bali and did a series of outreach concerts as well as visiting an orphanage at Blimbing Sari.

This has led to the school's yearly mission trips to Bali and has paved the way for student and teacher exchanged program that we now have in place.


Equestrian Program Established

Ian Richardson won the Innovative Teacher of the Year prize from Caltex Australia and the Sydney Rotary Club for his efforts in establishing our Equestrian Program.

The program has since expanded to a fully equipped riding arena with many students enjoying horse riding activities of fun and learning.


Ministry Training Centre Established

We had a growing number of students leaving year 12 wanting to come back into the school and be involved in the schools missions program, a ministry training centre was seen as a way to fill that need and so it was established in 2004 as the Ministry Training Centre, and later on to be known as North Coast Ministry Training Centre.  

The initial cohort of 8 students did a series of non-certificate courses and travelled to Bali as well as helping with the High School mission trip to New Zealand.  The following year saw the introduction of Certificate 4 and Diploma level accredited courses.


Coffs Coast Conference and Camping Centre Est.

Too many young people today do not engage in Adventure.  They become observers rather than participants.  The school established an Adventure Camping Centre that raises adrenaline and gives activity challenge.  Many schools around NSW and southern QLD come to use the facility.  It is a great enhancement to our school.


Learn to Fly Program

The School established a Learn to Fly program based at Coffs Harbour Airport.  A Foxbat A22 Light Sport Aircraft was purchased and it is hangared in the school's hangar at the Airport.  Training services are provided by Midcoast Microlights under the supervision on Mr. Mark White Chief Flying Instructor.

Harapan Sister School Relationship

As the Ministry Training Centre developed and our school mission trips continued we became more involved in the ministries of Bali Protestant Church.  This led to our involvement being formalized in a sister school relationship with Harapan School and the setting up of the Membantu development fund to assist with the ophanages.  Both Harapan and the orhpanages are ministries of the Bali Protestant Church


Formal ratification of MOU with Sister School



Purchase of Blueberry Farm

Neighboring land had been used by friendly arrangements with schools neighbors for many years.  When this land came on the market the school purchased it.  A fully operating blueberry farm was part of the purchase.  This farm has become an integrated part of the school agriculture program and provides opportunity to develop new ideas and facilities in the school's future.


Indonesian Skype Program

In 2012 CHCCS commenced a skype program with our sister school, Harapan. The skype program allows our students to communicate directly with students at Harapan school via 10 laptop computers located at the back of the Indonesian classroom. This one on one communication with Indonesian students provides the opportunity to practise Indonesian with native speakers, enhancing speaking and listening skills. Students are given a language-based task or challenge to complete every Skype lesson. They work with their Indonesian buddy to complete the task using a mixture of Indonesian and English. The Skype program helps our students develop cultural awareness, make friends and become more fluent in Indonesian.


The Junior Campus has now expanded to the limit of available space and is in its own right a place of educational excellence. Modern classrooms and undercover play areas are only part of the appeal, and as with Bonville, places within the Junior School are keenly sought-after.

As exciting as developments have been, the core business from day one remains unchanged. Whereby originally a small group of dedicated followers of Christ worked tirelessly in order to provide their children with a genuine Christian education, we continue to strive to that end. We are unashamedly Christian and we do hope that our students come to a personal belief in Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.

The Bonville Campus has continued to expand, and we now own approximately 160 acres of prime riverfront land.