Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

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Building Community

‘Onya’ senior school recognition program

The aim of the “Onya” is to build on the positive work culture within our school by recognising Year 9-12 students for their positive choices and work practices. The “Onya” provides an avenue for teachers to exercise positive behaviour narration each lesson, which has been found to encourage students to work to more efficiently in the classroom. The “Onya” program offers recognition for students who are making good decisions or working particularly hard, sending a message to them saying, “thanks for doing your best”.

Formal Assembly

Formal Assembly provides an opportunity for students to learn to attend a formal event and the protocols required for such. It is a chance to honour students who may not necessarily receive academic awards at Presentation Night but are working commendably for many reasons. At the assembly the whole school body can celebrate non-academic events and special accolades (eg. Red Cross, Poetry etc.) along with demonstrating national pride with our National Anthem and school pride with our school song and prayers.

Formal assembly is an event where our Student Leaders have to speak in a formal public setting while creating a forum for linking to the community. Guests are invited to present awards or speak to students and engage them in local events and organisations. Our students are also encouraged to showcase their performance works from Music, Dance and Drama.

Year 12 common room

Year 12 can be a difficult year for students as they balance study, work, sport, family, social life and church commitments. This year saw the renovation of our old woodwork rooms into a year 12 common room that has to be seen to be believed. Here at CCS we appreciate the contribution of our year 12 students and wanted them to have an area where they could relax, rejuvenate and spend quality time with each other and teaching staff.

Year 6 RAD Week

Early in Term 1, Year 6 participate in Really Awesome Days known as RAD Week. This is five days of adventure as students are introduced to the life of Middle School on the Bonville campus. Activities include working with the school horses, learning how to groom them, riding and other fun just horsing around; canoeing on Bonville Creek exploring the waterway and having some wild and wacky water games; getting to know the school’s farm, its animals and orchards; bike riding, exploring the bush tracks and environments that form part of the school’s more than 150 acre property; A day in Antarctica in which students experience ‘blizzards’, make snowmen, play games and generally “CHILL” out; we visit the Big Banana Waterpark; we swim, party and have a sleep over; and so much more.

Year 7 Camp

Tent city appears when it’s time for the Year 7 camp. Held on school property, students work in groups to organise their tent and other equipment. They rotate through activities which include high ropes, archery, Zorb ball, canoeing and the commando course. It’s an adrenalin rush from start to finish. The camp also incorporates a sun safety unit with practical activities and teaching sessions. Add to this plenty of swimming,  games and stacks of food,  camp gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better, especially important for new students and their teachers.

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 boys head off campus for a three day expedition style camp. The boys experience setting up tents, cooking for themselves, lots of team building activities and canoeing challenge. They learn to rely on each other as they walk from Minnie Waters to Sandon River and on to Broom’s Head. The emphasis is on working as part of a team, trying new things and challenging themselves.

Year 8 girls camp for three days at a sea side camp site in which they share the responsibility for designing and running activities such as a cooking challenge, swim, play crazy games and generally build relationships.

Year 11 Wilderness Experience

This is an opportunity for the Year 11 students to truly get to know each other whilst journeying down the rapids of the mighty Nymboida River. They participate in a number of ‘Challenge by Choice’ activities, exploring the limits of their comfort zones, enjoying time around the campfire, eating quality food and building closer connections within their peer group.

The House Championship and Leadership Development Program

Each year, the four school houses compete for the ‘Annual House Championship Shield’. In order to build greater unity and to encourage diversity within the school community, this competition includes events offered by every faculty within the school. For example, Science holds it’s ‘Brain Week’ trivia competitions, whilst Sport continues to offer carnivals and lunchtime competitions. Each event contributes points to a running tally, enabling students with the full range of gifts and talents to contribute.

The program has expanded the House Captain and Vice-Captain concepts to create a mentorship and development structure that will support and nurture young leaders, giving them opportunity to lead their peers in House Championship events and participate in character building development days.