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Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage service for hosting files in the “cloud.” It is available to all students. OneDrive offers users a simple way to store, sync and share various types of files with other students and teachers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams has been adopted as Middle School and Senior School’s online platform for collaboration and learning. What this means is that students have access, anywhere, to documents, homework, assignments and resources for their classes. Additionally, students have the ability to have conversations with other students or teachers through their teams class, thereby encouraging online collaboration and discussion. All activity within teams is private and no information is available publicly or published externally from within teams. It is a safe, monitored, transparent and secure environment for students and teachers alike. Each student has their own account for logging in to Microsoft Teams which only they have access to, unless they share their user details with another person.

Senior School Learning from Home Guidelines and Tips

As we adjust to this new learning environment, it is both important and helpful for us all to establish a routine around our education. Learning looks quite different right now, therefore to be successful in this new environment, it is essential that we develop good habits that assist us in maintaining our education at this time.

Here are some tips for you while you’re learning from home:

Creative positive habits

Wake up at your regular time for a school day, have a shower, get dressed for the day, eat breakfast, connect with your family, plan the day and start your school work by 9am.

Study Space

Have a set room in the house that allows you to work effectively in a comfortable and quiet space.

Keep active

Studies show that physical activity increases blood flow to our brains, assists with memory retention and concentration. Exercise also improves our mood, helps us feel energised and improves sleep.

Read a book

We all know the value of reading. Take time to read each day.

Contribute around the house

Many hands make light work. Help out where you can!

Stay Connected

Take time to contact (call, Facetime, message, etc) friends and family to catch up on how they are going!

Avoid Distractions

When completing school work, maintain a quiet and focussed working environment. Turn off your phone, music and the television. Close down tabs, apps and sites on your device that will distract you.

Limit your non-school work screen time

The Australian Government Guidelines recommend no more than 2 hours of screens for entertainment each day. Excessive screen time may lead to problems such as obesity, sleep difficulties and poor performance with education.

Do not procrastinate

Why put off for later, that which can be achieved now? Starting your school work earlier will give you the reward of more downtime in the afternoon once the school work is complete.

Chunk it

At school, we break up the day into 6 periods. Why not do the same at home? Try and take a short 5-10-minute break every 30 minutes – 1 hour. Without regular breaks, our work efficiency and effectiveness decreases.


A balanced diet is essential to give the body the nutrients and energy it needs to function well. Be careful to drink adequate amounts of water, limit junk food and eat 2 fruit and 5 vegetable servings each day.


The Australian Government Guidelines recommend that students, 12-17 years of age, should be having 8-10 hours sleep per night.

Do your best work

Teachers regularly encourage students to do their best at school. We continue to encourage you to do your best from home as well! Each week you will receive your schoolwork through Microsoft Teams. If you find that you have completed the required weekly work set by your teachers, attempt the optional extension activities or do some extra revision. If you are unsure of what is required, contact your teacher on Teams.

Be Spiritually Healthy

We encourage all students to complete a daily devotion. The You Version Bible App is a good resource for daily devotions. Go to the plans section and search for a Bible Study plan that suits you. Aim to complete a devotion each day! Also, get connected with local churches online, many of which are now posting their services, Bible studies and other encouraging resources.

Connect with family

Be actively interested and involved with your family. Make this a time of growth in your family relationships by being both supportive and understanding of each other. Here is a small idea: why not have a joke of the day competition? Each family member has 5 minutes to research a joke and come back to tell it to the family. Attempt to see how many people in your family you can get to laugh at your joke. Each family member has a go each day. Bring some smiles and laughter into the home.

Guidelines for Learning at Home

Expectations of Students

Students must complete set work and assessments from home, in order to meet course outcomes. If students are not engaging with the set work and / or completing assessment tasks, both NESA’s policies on requirements for completing a course and the school’s late assessment policy will apply.

Teachers of each subject will be setting work for students to complete on Microsoft Teams. If a student cannot view this work, please contact the relevant teacher using Microsoft Teams, or contact the school.

Parents, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher/s of your child if they are struggling to complete the work in any way. We value your feedback.

Instructions for Students

  • Log on to the relevant page for each of your subjects on Microsoft Teams each school day to check for updates and instructions from your teachers.
  • Complete all ‘Required Work’, listed on Microsoft Teams, submitting any work requested by your teachers.
  • Ask questions and / or communicate regularly with your teachers using Microsoft Teams.
  • Once you have completed all of the ‘Required Work’, you may choose to complete the ‘Optional Extension Activities’. The ‘Optional Extension Activities’ are not compulsory, but great for learning and growing our minds.

Suggested Daily Learning Planner

There are a number of challenges to completing schooling at home, we want to encourage you to stay up-to-date with your education. We understand that it may initially be tricky to transition your home, which is often a place of rest and downtime, into your new classroom. This will take some time to get use to for us all. It is important to start to establish habits and routine early in this transition.

Learning from home allows us to have flexibility in our approach to education, there are many benefits to keeping a regular routine, even when learning from home. Students who complete their school work earlier in the day have the afternoon to connect with family and friends online, relax, revise work, read a devotional, exercise or spend time on a hobby.

Remember: if you are having any difficulties accessing information, be sure to message your teacher through Microsoft Teams or contact the school. We are praying for you and thinking of you at this this challenging time!

Below is a suggested daily planner for while you are working from home. We encourage you to keep giving your best!

Wake-up time until 8.40am

Morning activities

Make your bed, shower, connect with family, eat breakfast, exercise, help out with household jobs, read a devotional. The You Version Bible app is great!


Check Work

Log into Microsoft Teams and check the work posted under each subject. Why not write a quick message to the class to say ‘Hi!’


Session 1

Complete work set by your teachers on Microsoft Teams.


Quick Break

Have a drink of water, use the bathroom and have a stretch.


Session 2

Complete work set by your teachers on Microsoft Teams.


Morning Tea

Grab a bite to eat, use the bathroom, have a stretch, get active for 20 minutes.


Session 3

Complete work set by your teachers on Microsoft Teams.


Quick Break

Have a drink of water, use the bathroom, have a stretch.


Session 4

Complete work set by your teachers on Microsoft Teams.



Take an extended break, eat some lunch and have a drink of water. Take some time to spend with your family, connect with your friends online or have some downtime.


Session 5

Complete work set by your teachers on Microsoft Teams.


Revision and extension activity time

Take time to summarise your notes from the day, review previously summarised notes and/or select a subject to complete an extension activity.

Remember, if you find yourself finishing the required work early, why not challenge yourself to complete the optional extension work!


Assessments are excellent tools for student learning.

Assessments enable students to have a deeper, guided learning experience. Assessments also provide teachers with summative feedback on what has been learnt throughout a course and helps to shape what will be reported upon.

Because of the varied nature of assessments across multiple subjects, our school is in the process of reviewing assessment tasks and will decide for each task, if the task will continue as planned or if an adjustment is required. Adjustments may include:

  • Adjust of the nature, description or weighting of the task.
  • Postponement of the assessment task and review at a later date.
  • Cancellation of the assessment task.

It is the student’s responsibility to check each of their subjects on Microsoft Teams each school day to view the latest information regarding assessments for each subject. If in doubt, please message your teacher using Microsoft Teams.

Confirmation of Assessment

Previously Year 11 and 12 were required to sign a confirmation of assessment notification when they received an assessment task. The assignments section on Microsoft Teams allows teachers to see if a student has viewed an assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to check into each subject on Microsoft Teams daily and view assignments. This viewed function is now accepted as a confirmation of the students’ notification of an assessment.