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New Junior School Campus Opening in 2025

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School is thrilled to announce that we will be opening an additional Primary School (Kindergarten to Year 5) in brand new facilities in Bonville.

Junior School

A safe, supportive and caring environment, nurturing physical, social and spiritual growth.

Middle School

A place where every student knows they are known, respected and valued.

Senior School

Where students develop their God-given gifts, to achieve their God-given potential.


We are an educational provider with a focus upon Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Throughout all our operations, we hope to be able to present the lifestyle and teachings of Jesus as the way for all people to live fulfilled lives. In our school this teaching starts in Kindergarten, and is integrated into our curriculum all the way through to Year 12. We are pleased to be able to express the Christian faith and its message of hope to Australian young people. It is our hope that you will see some of the influence of Jesus in your dealings with our school.

Andrew Lynn


Our teaching is based on a perspective that incorporates this belief, and we accept the Bible as divinely inspired.

Our school is a Christian Community School. As such, we certainly teach the various subject areas as set down by the NSW Education and Standards Authority (NESA) on 1 January 2017. However, it is our intent to teach all subjects from a Biblically Christian perspective. This is the foundation for the values presented in our class learning experiences. Students will be taught in an atmosphere where Biblical Christian values are the accepted norm. The school’s educational philosophy is based on the development of the individual gifts of each student.

Coffs Harbour Christian Community sees each and every child as a priceless treasure who deserves to be valued, appreciated, nurtured and challenged.

Alison Quayle
Indonesia Program

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School has a well-recognised and multi-faceted Indonesia Program.

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