Language Program

Our program incorporates an Indonesian language program from K to 12, partnerships with Indonesian sister-school organisations and fundraising for disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

In 1996 Coffs Harbour Christian Community School commenced the teaching of Indonesian language. Since then the programme has grown and developed and is now taught from K to 12. The School’s language program has been recognised as an outstanding program by the Australian Government, the Association of Independent Schools and Deacon University.

There are now Indonesian teachers in our Junior School, Middle School and Senior School campuses.

Curriculum and Courses

In our Junior School there is a comprehensive kindergarten to grade 5 program. Every student attends two half-hour lessons of Indonesian per week.

Indonesian is a mandatory subject for all Middle School students from Years 6 to 8, with the Year 8 students completing the 100 hour mandatory course.

In Years 9 to 12 Indonesian is an elective subject. Currently the school runs the Indonesia Beginnersn course in Years 11 to 12, however we are planning to commence the Indonesian Continues program in the future as well as maintaining the beginners program.

Indonesian Teaching Staff

There are currently four staff members that teach Indonesian at both campuses of the school.

Jonathan Petersen (Senior / Middle School)

Jonathan Petersen

Senior / Middle School

Matthew Pratley (Middle School)

Matthew Pratley

Middle School

KLA Integration

In addition to teaching Indonesian language, the school also integrates Indonesian curriculum into other subject areas.

In Food Technology students learn Indonesian cooking. In Business Studies students learn about conducting business in Indonesia. In Studies of Religion students learn about Islam in Indonesia. Our school also has its own gamelan orchestra, where students learn to play the famous Indonesian instruments. In Year 7 Geography students study Indonesian rainforests and the orang-utan.

We are continuing to integrate Indonesian content into other subject areas so our students can leave school with insight and skills in both Indonesian language culture and contemporary society.

Sister-School Relationships

Since 2011 Coffs Harbour Christian Community School has had a sister-school relationship with Harapan Schools in Bali – Harapan DenpasarSDK Maranatha Blimbingsari and SMPK Harapan Melaya.

Through this sister-school relationship the two schools have a number of initiatives and joint-programs. These include the Skype Program (see separate heading below) and the Teacher-Exchange Program. The teacher exchange program involves teachers from Harapan School coming to work at CHCCS as a native-speaker assistant. Teachers can come for up to one year to work together with the teachers at both our Junior and Senior school campuses. This provides students with access to Indonesian native-speakers on a regular basis. This program also helps to promote new elements into the Indonesia Program such as Indonesian music, drama and dance.

In February 2016 CHCCS began another sister-school relationship with Sekolah Dasar Bina Insan Mandiri Sejahtera (known as SD BIMS) which is located in Badung, Bali.  This relationship will be primarily focused on expanding our Bali Buddies program within this school.

Senior School Skype Program

Through the Skype Program students in our senior school are able to talk one-on-one with students at Harapan School. Students discuss the current topics with their Indonesian buddies using both English and Indonesian languages.

Skype lessons, held approximately once a fortnight, allows students to develop their language skills through authentic access to native speakers. Students also have the opportunity to develop friendships with Indonesian students their own age.

Bali Buddies program

Bali Buddies is an innovative language and culture program that connects our students at CHCCS with students from our Indonesian sister schools.

Each student is partnered with a buddy in the same grade from one of our sister schools. Buddies communicate with each other through letters, emails, cards as well as audio and video recordings. In addition, several times a year each class connects with their buddy class through a Skype session. In this way, language is taught in the context of authentic communication.


Coffs Harbour Christian Community School is fortunate to have a strong relationship with the Bali Protestant Church who are the umbrella organisation for the Harapan Foundation and Widhya Asih Foundation. 
Harapan is the Indonesian word for hope.  The Harapan Foundation run twelve Christian schools in Bali, their main campus being in their capital city Denpasar, and has approximately 4,000 students. It is the largest school in Bali.
The Widhya Asih Foundation runs seven children’s homes in Bali. They are known as panti asuhans meaning houses of caring.  Our school supports some of these children’s homes through financial contributions, through our annual mission trip and our student exchange program. Our school has a particularly strong connection with the Blimbingsari and Melaya children’s homes in the north western rural area of Bali.

Teacher Exchange Program

Each year our sister school sends one or two teaches to work with us at Christian Community School as a native speaker assistant. The exchange teacher assists with teaching the Indonesia Language at our Senior School, Middle School and Junior School campuses. Learning directly from an Indonesian native speaker helps to really bring the program alive for the students.
Teachers from Christian Community School travel to Bali, Indonesia on teacher exchange programs during the school holidays. The teachers work at our sister school campuses to assist with the English language program there. The teachers also work collaboratively on professional development programs with staff at Harapan School in Denpasar.

Student Exchange Program

In 2014 our school initiated a student exchange program for Indonesian students to come to our school in Coffs Harbour, Australia for three weeks. The students who come from our partner children’s homes are funded by their sponsors in Australia. The aim of the program is to connect our students and our staff more closely with the Indonesian children in the homes, as well as providing a life changing experience for the children. During their time here at Coffs Harbour, the students attend school, go on excursions, and spend time with their sponsor families. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about Australian culture and improve their English language skills.

Membantu Bali Trip

The school mission trip aims to challenge and equip our year 10 and 11 students for Christian service.
The trip presents students with an opportunity to experience the culture of our closest neighbour, Indonesia, while supporting the Bali Protestant Church in their care and education of poor and vulnerable children.
Our first student trip to Bali was in 1999 and it was during this trip that our connection to the Blimbingsari children’s home and the indigenous Bali Protestant Church began. We have maintained and built upon these friendships over the last 17 years doing many projects to improve the quality of children’s lives at Blimbingsari, Melaya and Singaraja children’s homes.

Membantu Development Fund

Membantu is an Indonesian verb meaning to help.
The Membantu Development Fund was set up by Coffs Harbour Christian Community School to provide development project funding for our partner organisation, the Widhya Asih Foundation, who run seven children’s homes in Bali.  Projects in the past have included – providing medical supplies, clothing and building projects such as toilets, fences, etc. Through the fund we aim to improve the welfare of the underprivileged children in the children’s homes.
For more information, please go to, or to discuss ways that you can contribute to this fund, please contact our Overseas Operations Administrator at
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Missions Project 2019

Run for Membantu

Our school’s cross-country run event is now called the Run for Membantu. Membantu is an Indonesian verb meaning “to help”.

Students collect donations from family, friends and neighbours as support for their participation in the run. All of the funds raised are deposited into the Membantu Development Fund  to be used for welfare projects in our partner children’s homes. This has transformed the school cross country from an event in which students are reluctant to participate into one of the most enthusiastically supported events in the school calendar, and is the most significant fundraising event for the Membantu Development Fund.

Through this fundraising event students are encouraged to think beyond themselves, and to act on behalf of the welfare of others less fortunate than themselves.

Child Sponsorship

Many staff from our school sponsor children in our partner children’s homes through fortnightly salary deductions. The sponsorship money is used to support the Widhya Asih Foundation as they provide the food, clothing, shelter and educational needs of the children. Regular communication between staff and their sponsor children is encouraged, through the exchange of letters and also through participation in the student exchange program. The children really treasure having a sponsor because they know someone cares about them and improves their sense of self-worth and hope for the future.
Click here to download the Staff Sponsorship Information pack.
As an extension of our Staff Sponsorship Program, the school has initiated a Community Sponsorship Program which allows students, student families and members of the CCS school community to also sponsor children at Widhya Asih orphanages. This program gives an opportunity for people of all ages and walks of life to get involved in enriching the lives of underprivileged Indonesian children. If you would like to get involved in the program, or would just like some more information, then please contact our school’s Overseas Operations Administrator at
Click here to download the Community Sponsorship Information pack.