Enrolment is open to all students whose parents are willing to have their children educated in a school where a biblical Christian worldview is presented as truth.

Non-believers of the Christian faith are welcome to enrol their children in the school on the condition that they will accept and support the Christian faith, values and teaching that is presented in the curriculum of the school as part of the overall package of education being presented to their child.

The school draws its students from a diverse set of backgrounds, including various Christian denominations, non-believers of the Christian faith  and various socio-economic backgrounds.

Christian Community School Coffs Harbour

Prospective Enrolments

Parents wishing to enrol their children at CHCCS are required to:

  1. Enquire at the School (Junior School Campus or Middle/Senior School Campus) concerning enrolment of their child and obtain a Prospectus and Application Form
  2. Make an appointment for an interview with the Head of Junior School for the Junior Campus or the Principal for the Middle/Senior Campus.

In the event of a successful interview, and the existence of an enrolment vacancy, a provisional position may be offered, or placement onto a waiting list if no vacancy exists.

Enrolments are provisional in that continued enrolment is always subject to ongoing satisfaction between both parties (parents and the school). Unsatisfactory behaviour or refusal to be in accord with the teaching of our school’s values and beliefs can result in withdrawal of enrolment.

Should enrolment be offered, a registration fee is payable.

The current registration fee is $95.00

Priority of Enrolment Allocations

While every effort is made to provide equitable access to CHCCS for the entire local community, it is necessary to place some priority on the allocation of enrolments.
Enrolment allocations are offered according to the following order of priority:

Junior School

Siblings then new students.

Middle School and Senior School

  1. Continuing students entering Year 6 from the Junior School
  2. Siblings
  3. New students