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Concern for the whole child is the driving motivation behind Middle Schooling.

Middle School recognises the unique needs of the early adolescent and provides a smooth transition from Primary School to High School.

It is therefore designed to meet the needs of early adolescence in terms of curriculum, social organisation and the process of individuation. Middle School employs a more flexible, age-appropriate approach than the traditional high school model. We want every student to know that they are known, respected and valued.

Mr Matthew Pratley (Head of Middle School)


The Middle School program seeks to integrate subjects by teaching skills across a variety of disciplines and allowing for student needs and interests to guide the focus of content.

The Homeroom teacher has a range of contexts in which to present learning opportunities and reinforce skills.

The student is able to practise those skills in a supported learning environment. This approach allows for increasing complexity of tasks at a rate suited to students’ ability.

Structure: Middle School’s daily timetable reflects a decreasing dependence on a Homeroom teacher and an increasing variety of subjects taught by specialist teachers as the student moves from Years 6 to 8.

Middle School Christian Community School Coffs Harbour
Investigating Science

Opportunities are provided for all students to engage in meaningful, innovative learning activities through active participation, exploration, and the development of a sense of belonging and mutual respect.