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This page contains all your back to School needs from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

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The contents of this page are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT; please read everything carefully and follow the steps below. Please be sure to complete the following tasks by the prescribed dates!


Coffs Harbour Christian Community School (CHCCS) aims to maintain our fees at the lowest possible levels to enable all families to access our quality education. However, such an approach necessitates that school fees are paid on time by parents/ guardians so that the school can provide all that it does.

Families experiencing hardship are encouraged to contact the Principal to discuss their personal situation directly. While every effort is made to keep school fees and charges to a minimum, annual reviews of these are required in consideration of the annual increases to costs in operations.


DUE: Friday 15 December, 2023

    Junior School textbooks and stationery are included within the fees and charged. 

Campion Education will be supplying our Student Packs for the 2024 School Year.

To ensure your child’s resources are received prior to the start of Term 1 2024, please place your order with Campion Education prior to Friday, 15 December 2023.

How to Order from Campion Education:

  1. Go to & click “Order here”.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Enter the four (4) digit code, T4MQ, to access your Resource List
  4. Select the year level for your child.
  5. In each relevant subject, tick the item(s) in the Resource List you wish to order.
  6. Payment can be made via Visa or Mastercard.

Handy Tips:

  • Make a list of the subjects your child is studying next year & note what textbooks and stationery are required for each subject. If you are unsure which electives your child is studying or which level of English/Mathematics is applicable, then please discuss with your child or contact your child’s teacher prior to purchasing textbooks.
  • Items marked (*) in the Textbook & Stationery Lists identifies those items, if purchased previously, that can be used again and/or items you may only need to purchase one of (i.e. they can be used across multiple subjects).
  • Please note, for years 6-10, the Textbook & Stationery Lists include general stationery items which will be used in all subjects. Please ensure you purchase all items listed.
  • All exercise books (excepting graph/music books) should include a pre-printed red margin.


All Student Pack orders placed with Campion Education by Friday, 15 December 2023 will be delivered to your nominated delivery address via Australia Post during the fortnight ending Friday, 14 January 2023. You will be able to track the status of your order through your Campion account.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders placed after 15 December 2023 may not be delivered prior to the start of Term 1!

If your child does not have textbooks or stationery at the start of Term 1, this will cause significant difficulties for his/her education.  Please ensure that orders are placed prior to Friday, 15 December 2023.

Alternate Retailers:

Please note, purchasing your child’s resources from Campion Education is not compulsory. If you would like to purchase from alternate retailers, the Textbook & Stationery List contains the list of textbooks and stationery required by your child.

It is essential that any textbook purchased from an alternate retailer must have an identical ISBN to the required text (see the Textbook & Stationery List).

Second Hand Textbooks:

If you are considering the purchase of secondhand textbooks:
  • It is essential that any secondhand textbook has an identical ISBN as the required text.
  • For required texts listed as “Print & Digital”, it is essential that you also purchase a digital access/activation code so your child can access the requisite online content. A digital access/activation code can be purchased directly from the publisher or from Campion Education (approx. cost $30-$79).
Secondhand textbooks can be bought and sold through Sustainable School Shop – a list of available textbooks can be found at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 6653 4000.


The school uniform is a standardised dress code that provides a functional, well dressed appearance for all students. This prevents potential issues of perception that may arise between students from higher and lower socio-economic groups who may not be able to attain the ever changing vagaries of money-driven fashion.

To the right you can find helpful resources such as pricing, uniform shop opening hours, and samples.

You can make appointments for U Week 2024 for both campuses on the details below

(Please remember to bring your own carry bags to Uniform appointment)

If you are unable to attend during the 2024 U-week dates or you only require a few items of uniform, students can purchase these during extended opening hours of the Uniform shop in Term 4, Week 8, Monday 27 November to Wednesday 29 November 2023.


Bonville Campus
Telephone 02 6653 4000 to secure your January 2024 appointment for U-Week which will be Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Monday 15.

Junior Campus
Telephone 02 6653 4000 to secure your January 2024 appointment for U-Week which will be Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 20.

Please note there has been a slight increase on some uniform items that will take effect Term 4, 2023.


Lockers are available to students in Years 7 to 12. Before any student is issued with a locker in 2024, the online form will need to be completed.  Please note Lockers are not available for Year 6 students.

DUE: Wednesday 13 December, 2023

By filling out the online application form you are agreeing to the Coffs Harbour Christian Community School Locker Policy below.

Locker Policy

  • Students cannot swap or share lockers.
  • Students should keep their locker locked at all times.
  • Parents/carers will be liable for any damage to lockers caused by their student.
  • Combination locks are not to be taken off the school premises. Costs of replacing a damaged or lost combination lock is $50.00.
  • The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage to any item in a locker, locked or unlocked.
  • Students are solely responsible for the contents of their locker and should not divulge locker combinations to other students.
  • The school will retain access to student lockers by keeping a master key. Any unauthorised locks may be removed without notice and confiscated.
  • Upon request from the Principal, or the Principal’s nominee, students will be required to open their locker for inspection.
  • In some circumstances, the Principal may authorise a locker to be searched by staff if there is reasonable cause for concern that it contains prohibited items.
  • Students will be expected to keep their locker clean and orderly. At the end of the year it is the student’s responsibility to clean out the locker and advise the school accounts office.



The cost per locker is $30.00 per year, unless you are a SKILLS Student, the cost of the locker hire has been included in the SKILLS Levy.

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