Mission trip to Bali

Since 1999 our school has been supporting a number of orphanages in Bali. Almost two hundred CCS students have travelled to Bali in order to support others who are in great need.

Over the years a number of projects have been undertaken and completed to improve the quality of life for Balinese children from backgrounds of severe poverty. As a school we have a collaborative partnership with the Bali Protestant Church, an indigenous organization, who care for and educate over six hundred children and youth from throughout Indonesia.

Church time

Middle/Senior School Church time

Each Friday during first period the school community (staff, students, ex-students, parents and local pastors/ministers) come together to attend our church time. We have a time of praise and worship followed by a variety of activities like games or funny clips that culminate in a Biblical message. Church time aims to be a fun experience for students while sharing important insight into Biblical topics that relate to youth. We have a diverse range of speakers from our own teaching staff and students to a number of local Pastors, Ministers and youth group leaders.

Junior School Church time

This is a special time each Thursday morning when our Junior school students come together to enjoy a child friendly church service. The messages are directly related to the biblical topics being covered in their class that week. The aim of church time is to provide our students with a fun experience while they explore biblical stories and learn the foundations of a christian world view.

Prayer Time

Prayer times in both middle school and senior school are opportunities for our students to come together and pray for their school, friends and family, as well as wider global issues.

Students involved in church time, the Bali mission trip or Outreach team are encouraged to attend prayer time as part of their commitment to and preparation for these important school ministries.


Senior School Outreach

Outreach is a voluntary activity occurring throughout term two. Senior students create a performance incorporating a mix of music, drama, dance and audio-visual effects to communicate the gospel in a contemporary way to their peers in state schools. This year we are doing three performances at Narrabri high school and assisting with scripture at Dorrigo high school in term three.

Middle School Outreach

In Middle School we have the opportunity to take the gospel message in the form of a performance / outreach to the Junior school campus in terms 1, 2 and 3 and then to a number of local Primary schools in term 4. The focus is on presenting a bible story / message to younger students in the form of music, dance and drama. In term 4 our production is significantly larger as we take the message of the meaning of Christmas to as many as 6 primary schools from Corindi to Urunga.

These outreach opportunities are simply another way that our school can interact within the wider community as well as providing a valuable opportunity to the students at CCS.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a program for boys in years 8, 9 & 10 which is run during morning devotions twice a week.

Boot camp is led by the devotions teachers and students participate in their year groups. The boys engage in exercises and physical challenges that help them to develop and maintain fit and healthy bodies. Students are challenged both individually and in teams, as a means of developing, self-control; respect for others; and physical and mental determination. The students then come together as a group, to participate in a devotion on a variety of different topics, which help to encourage students’ understanding of a Christian worldview. These devotions highlight the hope we have in Jesus and challenges the students to live as followers of the Lord Jesus, as they grow and develop as young men in society.

Run for Membantu

Our school’s cross-country run event is now called the Run for Membantu. Membantu is an Indonesian verb meaning “to help”.

Students collect donations from family, friends and neighbours as support for their participation in the run. All of the funds raised are deposited into the Membantu Development Fund to be used for welfare projects in our partner children’s homes. This has transformed the school cross country from an event in which students are reluctant to participate into one of the most enthusiastically supported events in the school calendar, and is the most significant fundraising event for the Membantu Development Fund.

Through this fundraising event students are encouraged to think beyond themselves, and to act on behalf of the welfare of others less fortunate than themselves.