Welcome to Stage 5!

This website contains information and guidance to assist you as you select your 2 Year 9 electives.

wade ccs
From the Director
of Studies

Welcome to our Stage 5 subject information website. I hope this website is a valuable tool to assist students in selecting their Year 9 elective subjects. The objective of the site is to help students and parents develop an understanding of each course, and equip students and parents to make an informed decision as to which subjects are right for them.


How to make the best choices about your subjects

  • Choose subjects according to your interests. You are more likely to do well if you enjoy what you are doing!
  • Choose subjects according to your strengths.
  • Ask questions of the teachers about what is involved in their subject.
  • Do not choose a subject based on your friend’s selection. Although it is nice to take classes with friends, it may be more beneficial to your learning if you select the subjects you are interested in and are talented at.

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