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Bali Buddies


Bali Buddies

The “Bali Buddies” program promotes authentic communication between students from CHCCS and our sister schools in Bali. Students are involved in writing letters, creating drawings and artworks, construction of crafts and cards. They also interact via Skype through simple conversation, song and dance.

“Bali Buddies” has successfully:

  • strengthened the link between our sister schools
  • strengthened the links between our school and the Children’s Homes we support at Blimbingsari and Melaya.
  • developed both new and existing friendships
  • helped to create a sense of purpose for both groups of children involved in the program
  • allowed students to compare and contrast our cultures
  • given relevance to the Run For Membantu, Mini Market, Mufti Days or any other fundraising
  • provided our students and those in Bali an opportunity to be involved in an international language program
  • supported and strengthened the Indonesian language program
  • increased students’ enthusiasm for language learning
  • provided our schools with access to “native speakers” (Indonesian/English)
  • provided authentic opportunities for students to utilise their Indonesian
  • reinforced our school’s reputation as a centre of excellence for Indonesian language, offering unique opportunities to our students.
  • promoted a form of peer tutoring (Indonesian/English)
  • created relationships that could potentially continue throughout students’ schooling (Junior School right through to student exchange and mission trip in Senior School)
  • helped our students develop skills to communicate as global citizens
  • addressed the goals of the Australian government found in the “Australia in the Asian Century” paper

Bali Buddies hebat! Bali Buddies is great!


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The Bali Buddies Program
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