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Kids Confidence


Kids Confidence Program

The Kids Confidence Program has been formulated to promote ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL).

The program helps students to:

  • Build an emotional vocabulary.
  • Identify emotions in ourselves and others.
  • Differentiate between red (unhelpful) and green (helpful) thoughts.
  • Practice helpful self-talk.
  • Recognising and managing stress and frustration.

Program Structure
Each Year 4 class engages in a 45 minute session once per week throughout one school term.

Methods of Delivery

  • A student workbook with fun activities to reinforce learning objectives.
  • Class discussion of key concepts.
  • Role play.
  • Facilitator and teacher feedback during small group/workbook activities.

Dr Paul Edwards (CHCCS Student Support Services) and Year 4 homeroom teacher.

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