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The Strength Program


The Strength Program

STRENGTH is an exciting program that has been developed by our school with the aim of helping boys and girls to reach their full potential. Strength is based upon the popular Rock and Water Program and has been adapted by Dr Paul Edwards our Head of Student Support Services who facilitates the program.

STRENGTH is action oriented with a range of games, competitions and physical activities utilised to teach students social skills and self-control. Students learn practical skills to deal with conflict, stress, anger and bullying within a group context. They are encouraged to practise these skills in their broader classroom and school contexts. Bible verses are utilised to facilitate discussions at the end of each session with a workbook provided so participants can share their learning with parents.

Program Structure

  • Each Year 5 class engages in a 45 minute session once per week throughout a school term.

Methods of Delivery

  • Action oriented with a range of games, competitions and physical activities.
  • A student workbook to reinforce learning objectives.
  • Class discussion of key concepts.
  • Role play.
  • Facilitator and teacher feedback during small group/workbook activities.


  • Dr Paul Edwards (CHCCS Student Support Services) and PDHPE teachers.
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