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Work Experience


Work Experience

Work Experience at Coffs Harbour Christian Community School is a compulsory program for all year 10 students to participate in.

Work Experience will enable our students:

  • To develop a more informed opinion about their possible career options by enabling them to spend some time in a workplace they have chosen.
  • To be actively involved in gaining firsthand knowledge of the world of work;
  • To gain generic and industry specific work competencies, and
  • To better manage the transition from school to further education and training and to their working life in the community.

Work Experience allows our students to:

  • Observe a variety of work being done
  • Undertake supervised work appropriate to the student’s skill level
  • Ask questions about the workplace
  • Gain skills related to being at work
  • Find out about training and employment opportunities.

Work experience at CHCCS currently runs during weeks 7 – 8 and we encourage students to explore any of the professions they are likely to pursue when they leave school.  Any enquiries about work experience can be made to our Careers Advisor.

Information about careers and job opportunities can be explored further on CHCCS’ Careers website:

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