Textiles & Design

Textiles & Design

Creativity and Style

If you love sewing and being creative, then you will love Textiles & Design. You will study fashion, careers and the Australian clothing, footwear and allied industries.

  • Practical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Risk-taking
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
Textiles & Design
Textiles & Design
Textiles & Design

About Textiles & Design

What is this subject about?

Textiles and Design students will investigate the science and technology of textiles; the concept of elements and principles of design; and the Australian Textile, clothing, footwear and Allied Industries.
Technological and practical skills are developed and enhanced through the construction of a Major Textiles project. Students have the freedom to choose their textiles project and can reflect their own passion and creativity.

Subject Topics

Elements and Principles of Design, Properties and Performance of Textiles, Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industries.

Textiles is one of the most exciting and diverse areas of contemporary practice, embracing creativity, opportunities and career paths. If you are passionate about designing and manufacturing with fibres and fabrics, then Textiles is the course for you!

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