The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) issues the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) to eligible students who leave school before completing the Higher School Certificate (HSC). It is a cumulative credential, meaning it contains a student’s record of academic achievement up until the date they leave school. This could be between the end of Year 10 up until and including some results from Year 12.
The following information has been designed to give students in all NSW schools the latest information about the RoSA. It has been taken directly from the NESA link here

RoSA reporting and grades

The RoSA shows a student’s comprehensive record of academic achievement, which includes:

  • Completed courses and the awarded grade or mark.
  • Courses a student has participated in but did not complete before leaving school.
  • Results of any minimum standard literacy and numeracy tests that may have been sat.
  • Date the student left school.

It includes an A to E grade for all Stage 5 (Year 10) and Preliminary Stage 6 (Year 11) courses, the student has satisfactorily completed.
Grades are:

  • based on student achievement in their assessment work
  • submitted to NESA by the school in Term 4
  • monitored by NESA for fairness and consistency

Students who don’t qualify for a RoSA:

Students who leave school before finishing Year 10 are not eligible for a RoSA. If students leave after Year 10 and still don’t meet RoSA requirements they will be issued with a Transcript of Study. The Transcript of Study contains the same information as the RoSA for courses satisfactorily completed.