Welcome to our senior studies information website. I hope this is a valuable tool to assist students in selecting the subjects that are best fit for their senior learning at CHCCS. The objective of the site is to help students and parents develop a sense of understanding of each course, which will equip students to be able to make an informed decision as to which subjects are right for them in their final 2 years of schooling.

The schools process of nominating lines for each subject is complex and based on many factors, one of which is student demand. We have taken considerable time to develop the subject lines to be the best fit for the majority of students desiring to commence senior study at CHCCS. After multiple rounds of feedback and engagement with Year 10 students, we have developed lines that will enable over 82% of students to receive 5 or 6 subjects that they are desiring to pursue in Year 11. It Is important to keep in mind that students only need to take 12 units (i.e. 6 subjects) in Year 11; that is for 3 terms. Once Year 12 commences in Term 4, each student has the opportunity to discontinue a course. You may be pleasantly surprised by a course you weren’t initially expecting to study and wish to hold on to 6 courses for Year 12 or discontinue an alternate course that wasn’t quite what you were expecting.

Our school has a history of successful results in the HSC. 72% of our 2019 cohort received a subject mark of 80 or more and 89% received a subject mark of 70 or more. However, we believe schooling is about much more than just HSC results. Schooling at CHCCS is about developing young adults that are prepared and equipped for the future. School leavers that have not only developed academically and strived to achieve their best, but also grown spiritually, socially and in their character to be prepared for their next chapter in life.

We look forward to working with our class of 2022 and continuing to guide them and pray for them as they mould and develop into being well rounded young people.

Wade Parker