The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is a credential for all students to recognise school achievement before receiving their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

A cumulative credential – recognising all your academic achievements

Instead of just showing what your results were at the end of Year 10, the RoSA recognises that many students who leave school before completing their HSC continue on to complete some further courses.

  • The RoSA will show your Year 10 grades, as well as any grades for Year 11 (Preliminary) courses completed after that. If you start a course but leave school before completing it, your RoSA will show evidence of your enrolment.

A credential for school leavers

The RoSA will be awarded to all eligible students when they leave school.

  • If you transfer from one school to another at the end of Year 10 you will not receive a formal RoSA credential at this time.
  • To receive a RoSA you will need to meet your school’s attendance requirements.
  • You will be able to request a RoSA through your school when you talk to your teachers or Principal about leaving and if you are eligible, your RoSA credential will be sent directly to you.

Fair grades for everyone

Your RoSA grades will be determined by your teachers using established guidelines and processes to ensure consistency of judgement.

  • Grades for all your courses in Year 10 and 11 will be based on your results in assessment tasks you do throughout the year. Assessment tasks may include tests developed and used in your school.
  • NESA provides further support and resources to make sure grades are given fairly and consistently from school to school.

Further information regarding the RoSA is available online at: