The World is in our hands!

The study of geography helps us to better understand the interaction of nature and the human environment, so as to help manage a better world. Are you interested in how the world works? Geography is for you!

  • Research Skills
  • Analysis Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Management Planning
  • Surveying
  • Tourism
  • Weather/Climate
  • International Relations
  • Practical Research Skills
  • Geology

About Geography

What is this subject about?

Geography is about the investigation of the changing world, especially interactions between biophysical and human phenomena.
As geographers, we will explore the spatial and ecological dimensions of physical and human environments. This will involve field work and the research of contemporary environmental issues and as a result, propose solutions on a local, national and global scale.
Our research is supported by the development and application of geographical skills used in the field.

Subject Topics

Topics include: Biophysical Interactions, Global Challenges, Senior Geography Project, Ecosystems at Risk, Urban Places, People and Economic Activity
Coffs Harbour is a unique community in terms of its geography. It is the only place in New South Wales where the Great Dividing Range meets the Pacific Ocean. It is the home of the National Marine Science Centre and it boasts 14 National Parks and reserves surrounding the city. These include the Solitary Islands Marine Park which preserves a diverse underwater ecosystem that mirrors the terrestrial biodiversity, covering the southern limit of northern tropical species and the northern limits of the southern temperate species. All of which provide rich opportunities for geographers.
With the Pacific Highway bypass, many more job opportunities will open up for those who are experienced in environmental disciplines.
So, take Geography and help create the future!

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